Mobility, Health, and Justice in the Clean Energy Revolution

Energy and Oppression

Inspire Speakers Series supports SHOUT in presenting the Divine 9: History, Purpose, and Historical Significance of Black Greek Letter Organizations 

Inspire Speakers Series supports SHOUT in presenting Women’s Herstory Month


Sustainability for You: Inspire Speakers Series Listening Tour during COVID-19

Sustainability for Us:

Sustainability for All: Reimagining the Future of Black Communities

The Global Village


Inspirational Stories about a Vibrant and Just Region

Inspire Speakers Series Presents: Women+ in Green

Environmental Health, Art and Activism


Walter Hood, Stacy Levy, and Alisha B. Wormsley

Living Product Expo’s Keynote Panel 2018

Candy Chang with Local Artists John Peña and Edith Abeyta

Biophilic Design Summit

Biophilia – Inspiring Beauty, Love, Connection, and Health through Our Places

Inspirational Stories about Creating a Sustainable, Vibrant, Healthy, and Just Region


Civic Dinner: Social Impact and Investing

Social Impact and Investing

Inspirational Stories about Creating a Sustainable, Vibrant, Healthy, and Just Region

Food and Sustainability

Social Impact and Investing

Pittsburgh to Paris – Paul Hawken, Project Drawdown, and Climate Change

Environmental Justice and Civic Conversation


Driving Systemic Change in Communities

ILFI Living Product Expo 2016: Opening Night Keynote

Inspirational Stories about Creating a Sustainable, Vibrant, Healthy, and Just Region

The Story and Power of Place

Planet & People: Connecting Climate Change, Social Innovation, & Inspiration

Transformative, Performance-Based Development: Revitalizing with a Triple-Bottom Line 


Designing Places to Thrive

Engaging Communities to Create Most Livable Places for All 

ILFI Living Product Expo 2015

Envisioning a Sustainable, Collaborative and Inclusive Economy

Using Urban Design to Achieve Happy, Equitable Cities

Will Allen, Stephen Ritz, and Jennifer Flanagan


Dr. Antwi Akom and Grant Ervin

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Lisa Schroeder, and Dr. Molly Mehling

How Schools & Community Institutions Can Utilize the Surrounding Community to Enhance Education & Engage Our Youth 

Planetwalker: Spreading a Message of Sustainability Through Silence and Action

Sustainability: An American Grand Strategy for the 21st Century

Urban Acupuncture: Redefining Community Vitality


Breathing Easy: Healthy Places & Indoor Air Quality

Defying Boundaries: Integrating Sustainability Practices

Food for Big Thoughts: Eat and Live Healthy

Pushing Limits: The Living Building Challenge

Taking Action and Making Change for Sustainable Communities

The Art of Environmental Health: Bridging the Gap Between Art, Science, and Community Action 

The Power of People: Uncovering the Human Potential in Achieving True Sustainability


Coming Alive Through Regenerative Design

Cultural Sustainability for Healthy and High-Performing Places 

Thinking Big: Interdisciplinary Sustainability Learning